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How embarrassing was not Pascal in ep 3.17 “Addiction”? Conrad had to serve everything to him. His little painiting and dress gifts didn’t work, not even a little. But Conrad coming over saying he’d be angry if Victoria & Pascal got together, followed by giving Pascal the deed of the manor to give to Victoria, THAT worked perfectly. So what can we learn from that folks? That Conrad knows Victoria by heart and knows exactly what will and won’t work on her. Pascal didn’t even have a clue. And now, he’s got Emily, Nolan and very angry Aiden after him. Good luck with that one, frenchie.

By the way: Did you see that one coming? That Pascal got rid of Aiden’s father? 

And how easily Conrad worked Stevie to give him the deed to the manor. I believe Conrad could pull off selling ice to eskimos, for twice what it’s worth.

Pascal was in on the framing of David Clarke!!!!! I did not expect that at all. Since Pascal is not a Grayson, I suppose he will be “X-ed” by Emily by the end of the season. Maybe the Graysons will frame Pascal to save themselves? I kinda hope Stevie will be collateral damage, she bores me. And this Javier guy? TOO MANY NEW CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care for any of them, except Margaux who has blended in somehow.

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