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This Tumblr will not be continued

for very obvious reasons. 

Revenge just committed the ultimate mistakes by bringing back David Clarke, killing Conrad, killing ConVict, killing Aiden & killing Aimily. 5 strokes, and you’re out. 

It’s mind-blowing that the writers decided to kill off Conrad already at the beginning of season 3 - and wasted an entire season NOT giving ConVict fans anything to be joyous about. Instead, they had several episodes without a single ConVict scene! Unforgivable.

It is safe to say that I will not continue bothering watching Revenge. So naturally, I will not update this Tumblr. 

Revenge just died!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is how the series ended for me! No way in hell will I watch Revenge without Conrad, ConVict, Aiden, Aimily —- and with David Clarke alive. FORGET IT. 

The writers just made the biggest mistake they could ever make! 

And to run salt in the wounds —- no ConVict closure!!!!!! Aimily got some closure, but ConVict didn’t even get a last scene together in the finale. 


Goodbye and good riddance.

Time for finale predictions!

Here’s what I think will happen on Revenge’s s3 finale:

  • Aiden will die after going after Victoria, and his death will have something to do with her.
  • Conrad will not die, because he’s just too damn good. They cannot kill him for real. Maybe he’ll fake his death or try to get out of jail some other way? Getting beated up worked to get Daniel out of jail before his trial, so maybe Conrad will try something similar? Or a prison break?  
  • Victoria obviously knows that Emily is actually Amanda, and the two of them will have a major confrontation.
  • Something will be revealed concerning David Clarke that we don’t know yet. But he’s not still alive, that would be series suicide.
  • Emily will kill Emily Thorne and re-emerge as Amanda Clarke. She’ll probably go by her real name in season 4.
  • Daniel will get into an accident and his life will hang in the balance.
  • Charlotte will need some psychiatric help after her kidnapping. 
  • Jack will reveal to Emily that he loves her, and that he’ll help her with her revenge now with Aiden gone.

    So I believe the deaths will be Aiden and the identity of “Emily Thorne”. An Amanda and Emily switch-back. No more pretend, all gloves are coming off. 

    I believe that is why the promo says “Goodbye Emily Thorne”. 

Then again, my predictions are often 50/50. 

Death of Emily Thorne, hopefully

So Revenge writers have said that there will be 2 major deaths in the finale. One will likely be Aiden, because Barry Sloane will be on another tv-series next season. 

The second death? Well, showrunner Sunil Nayar said what he has plans for Charlotte, Daniel, Jack and Javier next season, as well as for Emily & Victoria. (Karine Vanasse as Margaux is a regular as of season 4) So what characters does such a statement leave out? Nolan, Aiden and Conrad. And as Aiden is already leaving, it’s Nolan and Conrad left. And let’s be serious, the writers would never in a million year kill off Nolan. So that leaves only Conrad, who is in so much leagal problems that you cannot see how he’ll get out of it.

Unless, and I hope my grasping for straws will be correct, that the second death is of Emily Thorne. The identity, not the actual person. That Emily will drop her false identity and come out as Amanda Clarke. 

My problem with Charlotte (Grayson) Clarke

My problem with her is that she’s such a hypocrite acting all righeous. She KNOWS what her parents have done. The last bit of information that she didn’t know was told to her by Jack at the beginning of season 3. But she went on, pretending like nothing, using her Grayson connections and money that she knew in parts came from money laundering. 

And when it suits her to be angry, then she throws that in her parents’ faces and says she wants nothing to do with the Grayson name. 

Then she comes back, and what do you know, uses the Grayson connections and money again. What does she think pays for her lifestyle? 

If she was really upset and disgusted, she’d drop her lifestyle, get a job that she didn’t get because of her name and move to an apartment she can pay for with her salary and so on. 

You just cannot go back and forth and keep pretending that you are upset whenever it suits you. That is major hypocracy.

I believe that the only information that Charlotte does NOT have is that her brother is just like his parents. She still thinks that Lydia shot Emily and is unaware that Daniel conspired against Pascal with Conrad. She still idolizes her brother. 

Another worded spoiler for the finale

Question: Please, any scoop about Revenge? —Julien

AusielloSunday’s season finale isn’t just gonna be nuts, it’s gonna be an entire display case of Payday bars. We’re talking handcuffs for one major character, toe tags for two others, the emergence of a new scheme team and a scene that’s so horrifying, it’ll make Pascal’s death-by-helicopter-blade seem mercifully tame by comparison.

Christopher De Venecia: Besides your character, who’s your other favorite character in the show?

Josh Bowman: I gotta say, I keep saying Henry Czerny, who plays my father Conrad in the show. He’s just a phenomenal actor. He’s probably one of the better actors in the show. I’ve learned so much from him. This season, he’s turning into a bit of a prude, my character. I’ve tried to take as much as I can from him — his size, his breathiness, how he moves. He’s just really, really a smart, smart man. And a very funny guy at the same time.

Christopher De Venecia: I love his scenes with Victoria. Their banter is the best.

Josh Bowman: It’s amazing! It’s amazing. For me, that’s the focal point of the show. It also brings that sort of fight for dominance. They’re like a couple of lions.


May 2nd, 2014